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Shopping guide

I - View and search products


Please go to each product title: Diamond, Jewelry, Rings, Wedding Rings, Jewelry Sets... to see the products posted on the website


II - Choose to buy - product consultation


  - Click on the picture of the product you want to buy/refer to to know the details such as price, material, style, number of diamonds attached ... before deciding to buy.


  - Click on each thumbnail on the slider to view a larger, more detailed image as well as view all product images.


  - You can directly contact the Hotline number on the right hand side for direct advice about the product.


  - Click the button "consultation-buy products" to be able to chat directly with us.


III - Trade with us


MIRACLE DIAMOND supports FREE nationwide guaranteed delivery for customers who are far away.


If you have any questions, please answer them. Please contact us directly via Hotline or Live Chat or you can send us a message. We will contact you directly based on the information you provide so that we can provide the most dedicated support.

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