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Since 1987

Miracal is proud to be a long-standing brand with prestige and experience in the field of jewelry making and retailing of natural diamonds.


We dedicate our business life with one dream: Vietnamese beauty accompanies the luxury trend of world jewelry fashion.


The criterion " satisfy the guests who come, satisfied the guests who go" is a prerequisite in the way of business and in all activities of Miracle Diamond & Jewelry.



As an Entrepreneur with more than 30 years of operation in the Vietnamese jewelry market, more than anyone else, I am very aware and feel the word "TIN".

My mind: "Miracle must be a place where customers are completely assured of the quality and price of the products"

Miracle diamond jewelry always gives the owner a luxurious, aristocratic and extremely elegant beauty.

Miracle is proud to have a senior staff,

has high expertise in the field of high-end jewelry and professional customer care skills.

Businesswoman Nguyen Nhiem Mau


High-grade imported 18K gold jewelry of the right age, appraised diamonds with the best clarity and purity selected from experts with long experience, innovative designs suitable for all ages, all coins direction.


Diamond wedding rings are especially luxurious and sophisticated for modern couples, leading the trend of choosing wedding rings today.

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